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Hi, I’m Silvija

You’re most likely here because something is not going well in your life, and you know that it’s time to make a change. Luckily, you landed in the right spot!

I’m a body-centered therapist and somatic coach, and I’m dedicated to bringing the power of embodied inner work to help you find a more vibrant way to live in the world.

My tested recipe for a lasting transformation is a unique blend of cognitive and body-centered approaches to create a highly tailored and safe space for a deep and lasting change.

As you embark on your journey of self-discovery, healing, building self-confidence, and creating a life you’ll love, you’ll have my full support and guidance during AND BETWEEN SESSIONS, so you feel supported also when the going gets tough.

I offer e-therapy, e-coaching as well as in-person sessions in Luxembourg.



Are you tired of feeling stuck and trying to do it all on your own? Let’s join forces! 


8-week Mindfulness course – > Bring more calm, focus and self-love into your day-to-day life with a certified mindfulness teacher.

What people are saying

Silvija has been integral to so much important change in my life over the last few months. Her skills of active listening helps relax and open my skills of listening to myself and getting into touch with my intuition and body knowledge. She has helped me to realize and understand answers that lie within myself that I found I just needed to find the peace and stillness to slow down and listen to. I am so thankful for her excellent work that we have done together and I look forward to all our future sessions.


Silvija is an incredibly compassionate and skillful coach. She is a great listener who knows exactly what questions to ask to nudge you onto the right path towards your personal or professional goals. Her gentle, yet concrete and no-nonsense approach will open your eyes to exploring possibilities you simply couldn’t see on your own. 


My sessions with Silvija have been life-transforming. We started off our virtual meetings in the middle of the nightmare pandemic confinement with the goal to develop and practice self-love. Week by week, we tackled one false thought after another in connection with different aspects of my life. Whenever I was explaining something that was bothering or upsetting me, she provided a very surprising mirror in which I saw things and connections I did not see before. And when words could not suffice, we practiced mindful somatic dives into my heart and subconsciousness. These have been incredibly effective and full of insights. We mindfully observed what was there, what it was trying to tell me and how to let it go in order to set myself free. And what remained in the end were self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love.


Silvija has been a guide for me during some extremely challenging times. Through somatic work she showed me how to listen to my body, how to get in touch with my intuition and calm my anxiety. I learned how to feel what I want and need and how to get my needs met.


I loved my sessions with Silvija. She is an incredibly gentle therapist, asking just the right questions and adapting her advice to your own way of understanding. She helped me see things and realise habitual responses that I wasn’t fully aware of before and showed me a way to tweak my attitudes and responses just a little but just enough to achieve the change I was looking for. I can only recommend working with her 🙂


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