Building Family Resilience in a Time of Crisis

Helping your family thrive with Mindfulness


Im so excited to announce my new online event!  

I‘m inviting you to join me for a live workshop designed to help you and your family thrive during this challenging time. 


Completely burned out from the demands placed on you as a parent in recent months?  

Looking for tools to manage your own anxiety and help your child deal with theirs? 

Needing to learn how to talk with your child about their worries? 

Craving practical strategies for helping your family cope and even thrive despite the uncertainty of what’s next? 

Curious to learn how to harness the power of resilience and be ready for life? 

Being a parent myself, I know that after the past few months of quarantining, social distancing, and remote learning, parents and other care-givers are in dire need of support! 

Our family routines and our lives are not the same anymore. Our children are trying to make sense of what they see and feel. Some children are defiant, angry, withdrawnor chaotic. Parents worry how to support them emotionally while trying to manage their own anxiety and at the same time juggling never ending family and work obligations. 


I am a Mindful Parenting Coach and Mindfulness Trainer. I feel passionate about helping families navigate these challenging times. I want to share with you my very best strategies and ideas for how you and your family can thrive and build resilience for whatever comes next.  

I believe that adversities like the one we are facing now don’t need to break us.  

Let’s try to recognise this as a wonderful opportunity to make our families stronger and more connected.   

As human beings, we are adaptable, tough, with the right tools, we can ride uncertainty with ease!

Join me and learn: 

  • What mindfulness is and why it is important, especially in these trying times. 
  • How to handle your own anxiety to be emotionally generous for your child 
  • To understand and approach your child’s big feelings and challenging behaviour 
  • How to talk to your child about what is going on and help them focus on what they can control 
  • Mindful attitudes that can help you go through the day with more calm and ease 
  • Actual steps you can take to keep your family emotionally connected and focused on what really matters 
  • How to be positive role model for your child and show them what resilience is when life has it’s own plans 

This workshop is for you 

  • if you are a parent, expectant parent, grand parent or any other care-giver, living or working with children
  • if you are either familiar with mindfulness or open to learn what it is and how it can benefit your family 
  • if you are willing to explore a possibility that pushing down big feelings is not a powerful way to help them build emotional resiliency 
  • if you are open to cultivating new attitudes and ways of being amidst adversity  
  • if you are ready to put new learnings into action and contribute to the wellbeing of your family 


This workshop is NOT for you 

  • if you don’t believe in the power of mindfulness tools and compassionate approaches to parenting 
  • if you are not ready to see what is not working so well in your family and take the necessary steps to help your family become more lovingly connected and more resilient 
  • if you have it all figured outWonderful! I’m really happy for you!:) 


I want this workshop to be interactive with everyone having the possibility to share and contribute, therefore the number of participants is limited to 15. 


The webinar (60 minutes) starts on Friday 6 November at 12.30 pm CET (Brussels time).  

Save your seat now!  

Also, there’s still time for your friends and loved ones to join. Please share this registration link with others, so they too can benefit from this. 

We all need a break, don’t we? One nice, deep inhale and exhale. A break gives us a chance to choose how and who we want to be in this very moment, for ourselves and our children.  


Join me at the workshop and we will do this together. 

Looking forward to see you there! 

With warmth & love, 

Silvija Žagar

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