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How to give yourself a break1

Your 10 minutes for a gentle and intentional start of the day

A journal with a centering and somatic morning routine that even the busiest people can gift themselves.

In 10 minutes, a day you’ll go through a gentle series of reflections and meditative exercises that will prepare your inner world for everyday challenges.

A roadmap on how to give yourself a break

Are you a perfectionist and overthinker whose mind is constantly jumping around?

In this guide you will:

Find out what phase you’re in (everyone goes through 3 phases before finding inner peace).

Bring awareness to what is it that you’re doing that never works.

Learn how to finally leave yourself in peace.

How to give yourself a break1

Get unstuck with a 4 step mind-body aligned process

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  • Get unstuck in any area of your life by following a proven 4-step process.
  • Align your mind and body wisdom to get the most accurate guidance for setting and reaching your goals.
  • Reconnect with your true self and release the blocs that are held in your body and are preventing you from moving forward.
  • Create grounded, aligned and actionable steps towards your goals.

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