group coaching


Group coaching

can do wonders for your transformation and development. Growing in a group is not only effective, it is also much more fun! The participants of a Coaching group are like-minded people with similar challenges, who will inspire you and support you on your journey.


01.What will you get from joining a Coaching Group?

An instant and valuable mutual support network

Differing perspectives – Hearing the different views, ideas and experience from your fellow participants will allow you to see issues you wouldn’t otherwise become aware of.

Accountability – Your fellow members hold you accountable to the goals you set. In addition, just knowing that you have a regularly scheduled meeting internally drives you to make progress.

Think bigger – You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

Safe place to share, explore, go further and deeper. Whatever is shared in the group is strictly confidential!

My full support for the duration of the Coaching Group. You can join a private Facebook group so that you can support each other and ask questions that I will be answering throughout our time together.

02. How long will the Group Coaching take?

The Coaching group will run for 6 weeks.

03. How big will the Coaching Group be?

The Group will have up to 6 participants plus myself as the facilitator of the group.

04. What are the topics of the Group Coaching?

Coaching groups will cover a wide spectrum of topics from the realm of mindfulness practice, mindful parenting, personal transformation, changing habits and much more. I will choose topics on the basis of issues and interests expressed by my clients or potential clients like yourself.

05. WHAT does Group Coaching with me look like?

The Coaching Group consists of a weekly call of 60 minutes. The session opens with a few mindful moments to center and bring our awareness into the present moment. Then I coach one or two volunteers on the topic of the Coaching group. The rest of the participants are listening to the sessions without interfering. After the coaching sessions the participants express their observations in a non-judgemental way and share their key lernings. At the very end of the session the participants are asked to commit to the goals they will focus on until our next meeting.
Everyone chooses their own level of interaction. Even if you choose not to actively participate, you will still take away new learnings and insights.
You can support each other in a private Facebook group and ask questions that I will be answering throughout our time together.

Learn more about my style of coaching


Please check here which Coaching Groups are being formed at the moment.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please leave me a message. I will inform you as soon as a Coaching group on the topic of your interest is planned.

Let’s join forces!

Thank you for being here, whether you decided to join forces with me or chose to move in another direction.

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