Mindful parenting

Mindful parenting

Do you feel there must be another way to parenting than yelling, threatening and time-outs?

Have you read countless parenting books and followed the millionth advice and you still have not found the tools and attitudes that work for you and your child?

Do you sense there is more to parenting than just surviving everyday parenting struggles?


YES? Then stay with me!


What is mindful parenting?

Mindful parenting is about setting an ongoing intention to be present for your child at any given moment and to bring your conscious attention to what’s happening. This allows you to respond thoughtfully to your child’s behaviors and needs instead of getting hijacked by your own stories and emotions. Mindful parenting involves growing the skills of truly listening, non-judgmental acceptance, emotional awareness, self-regulation and compassion. It is not about being a perfect parent, but about being intentional, aligning your values with who you want to be for your child.

Let me be fully honest. I thoroughly enjoy coaching, because I love witnessing how people transform. I coach a wide range of people on many different agendas, however, being a parent myself, I am especially passionate about working with parents. You wonderful people who long to be able to parent from your whole heart and build a loving, compassionate and strong relationship with your children. And I know firsthand how you have to work hard to break through your old patterns and emotional baggage.

Mindful parenting can be a hard and sometimes lonely journey. My own experience is my guide. I have been there, somehow coping with the unhelpful parenting tools and attitudes that just felt so wrong.

My own upbringing meant there were many unprocessed emotions, unresolved conflicts, fixed ideas, unquestioned beliefs and unhealthy attitudes. I believed that nothing had affected me, I had a false sense of all rightness and never questioned it.

It was the birth of my first beautiful child that my own house of cards started to fall apart and I faced my greatest hurts and fears. The most difficult journey of my life started right there.

It was messy, it was painful and it was all worth it.

It turned out to be the most liberating path, transforming me from the inside out. It has enabled me to choose a loving relationship with my children.

I’ve made it to the other side. I have built healthy foundations of the new me as a person and as a parent. I’m not perfect and that’s ok. I know where I’m going. I can now say with confidence and pride that I broke the generational pattern of unhelpful and even damaging ways of parenting. I can now give my two wonderful children what I had never received or felt. Unconditional love and acceptance, and a relationship that will last a lifetime.

I see my children grow into empathic, resilient and confident people. They will be able to live with compassion for others as well as themselves. I see them setting strong personal boundaries so they can stay true to themselves and live the life of their choosing.

This is what makes for a »happy life«. Isn’t this what we all ultimately want for our precious children?

I strongly believe that when children are parented in a mindful and compassionate way, they grow into adults with a strong back and open heart and are able to contribute to the wellbeing of the whole society and the world.

Shefali Tsabary

“It’s no surprise we fail to tune into our children’s essence. How can we listen to them, when so many of us barely listen to ourselves? How can we feel their spirit and hear the beat of their heart if we can’t do this in our own life?”

When we want to raise children so that they become happy, resilient, loving and confident, we first need to learn how to parent ourselves.

How can I serve you to become the parent you want to be?

With my own personal experience with becoming a mindful parent, the knowledge as a Mindful Parenting Coach, powerful cognitive and somatic tools, and my ability to listen deeply and intuitively I will help you handle this crazy but absolutely worthwhile journey.

I do not believe in perfect parenting, because our children don’t need a perfect parent. My view is they need a good enough parent who is fully present and deeply connected with them so they can feel unconditional love and acceptance.


With my support you will:

  • Stop yelling and using threats and punishment as a way to parent your child
  • Recognise your triggers and break unhelpful patterns of reacting
  • Learn how to work with strong emotions – your own and those of your child
  • Heal your emotional wounds with somatic work
  • Find what really matters for you in parenting
  • Step out of the story of not good enough
  • Learn to speak assertively and listen empathically
  • Start to love yourself and take care of yourself
  • Change the way you see your role as a parent and deconstruct the myths of what parenting actually is
  • Understand your child’s developing mind
  • Learn mindfulness skills and teach them to your child

    • I’m here to support you on your journey.

    Read more about my approach and what you can expect in a session with me. 

    Thank you for being here, whether you decided to join forces with me or chose to move in another direction.

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