Mindfulness for children and teenagers

Mindful parenting

Mindfulness training for children and teenagers

Just like adults, children are often too busy. They have a head full of thoughts and fears, are easily distracted, anxious or have a trouble falling asleep.

Now, imagine just for a moment …

​… if your child understood emotions and learn how to self-regulate…


… if they knew how to be more focused…


… if they learned how to grow self-confidence and gratitude…


… if they developed the resilience to meet life challenges …


… if they knew how to soothe anxiety so they can feel more at ease and confident …


Imagine the future they could shape for themselves!


​Being trained with Mindful Schools  I will deliver their recognised curriculum to your child in a simple, fun, and inspiring way. Your child will learn through fun mindful activities, short videos, mindful movement, and interactive lessons about the workings of our beautiful mind.


This training is evidence-based, draws on the latest research, and is grounded in best practice.


But most importantly…

The training is super inspiring, fun, and fully tailored to your child’s unique needs.



The training includes:

  • 6 x 30-minute online or in-person sessions
  • Mindful Schools workbook when relevant
  • Personalised supporting material
  • Support and guidance over phone/e-mail for parents

Creating a place for our kids to learn begins with creating some space for them to breathe.

Thank you for being here, whether you decided to join forces with me or chose to move in another direction.

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