HeartTouch – Embodied Mindfulness & Compassionate Touch Training for Psychotherapists, Clinicians and Bodyworkers.


May 4th 2024 13.15-16.45 at The Holistic Corner, 39 Val St André, Luxembourg

Join us for an immersive workshop led by Anthony Fidler, a HeartTouch therapist, Mindfulness teacher, and Tai Chi & Qi Gong teacher with support from Silvija Zagar, a Body-Centred Therapist & Wellbeing Coach, focused on the principles of embodiment and co-regulation within the therapy process.

This workshop is for psychotherapists from any school, clinicians from any background, but especially psychiatric and bodywork therapists interested in working with people experiencing trauma and mental health issues. It is suitable for practitioners interested in working with or without physical touch, in-person and on-zoom.



In this training, participants will:

  1. Explore how establishing trust and aiding clients in addressing inner difficulties can be enriched through therapist embodiment.
  2. Learn how to integrate therapeutic work with embodied mindfulness practices.
  3. Develop skills to deepen therapeutic connections without the necessity of physical touch, particularly for therapists specialized in talk therapies.
  4. Where possible, learn how to incorporate compassionate touch to deepen therapeutic work with clients who otherwise may be difficult to work with successfully.
  5. Bodywork practitioners will discover techniques to integrate resonance-based touch into bodywork therapy, creating transformative spaces for clients.
  6. Begin the journey into trauma-sensitive bodywork, laying the groundwork for profound therapeutic experiences.


Testimonials from experienced professionals attest to the transformative potential of this approach:

– A Jungian psychotherapist hailed it as the “foundation of therapeutic work.”

– An essential workshop to broaden experience and perspectives on health, with focused attention on the body in a safe and accepting environment. (Psychotherapist & ex-Psychiatrist)

– Thank you for rich and inspiring workshop and for the follow-up. I feel well equipped to start introducing elements of HeartTouch into my psychotherapy practice. A good result!

– Anthony was really engaging and down to earth with this workshop. There were plenty of practices to try out and opportunity to reflect. I learned a great deal which will inform both my own personal growth as well as my practice as a shiatsu practitioner.

Embodied Mindfulness is a way of being in which you are fully connected with your body and you feel safe.

Your mind is quiet and present to your experience of life happening that moment and your heart feels warm and open to yourself and to those around you.

This is a state of well-being and good feeling.

We will explore together how mindfulness & touch based connection practices can help us to move closer towards this state of well-being .

We are not looking for ‘cures’ or ‘fixes’. Whatever our ‘role’ we are learning to be with ourselves and to be ourselves. Just as important we are learning to be fully present with others.

Along the way we will enhance our capacity to hold safe space for others. And this will touch everything we do in life from then on.

Join us for this enriching workshop and embark on a journey toward enhanced therapeutic practice and client care.

Anthony teaching HeartTouch in London, March 2023

Pricing and Details:

Workshop size: Places are limited to 10 so please book early to be confident of attending.

Workshop Fee: 90EUR, Early Bird: 80EUR (*Early bird till Apr 4th)

If your preferred way of payment is via DigiCash/PayConiq or a bank transfer, please contact me: info@timeformindfulness.com

Cancellation / Refunds: 50% when notice is given at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop.

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