2-month Group Parent Coaching Programme

Resilient Family – Thriving in challenging times with mindfulness

If you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed by life right now and you need your mind to be on your side, you’ll absolutely love this intimate Group Parent Coaching Programme.  

You will be supported and guided step by step from feeling exhausted, stressed and worried to feeling empowered, calmer and ready for whatever future might bring. 

The intimate group will be formed of only 8  like-minded parents with similar challenges, who will inspire you and support you on your journey. 

This is not an ordinary training. It is a powerful combination of intensive learning, coaching and mutual support to bring about a profound and lasting change. 

In this programme you will: 

 explore how to use Mindful Parenting approaches and powerful mindfulness tools to regulate your big emotions and approach your child with an open heart 

 learn how to cope with your own anxiety and help your child manage theirs 

 learn powerful and simple coping techniques and develop the right mindset to thrive despite adversity 

– form a crystal-clear vision of how you want your family to be in these times of uncertainty and who you want to be as a parent, all in alignment with your most important values 

– unlearn habitual ways of reacting and thinking that do not support the well-being of your family 

– connect with like-minded parents in an intimate group, offering you all the support needed to help you move towards your vision of who you want to be for yourself and your family 


Are you ready to dive deep and at the same time have fun while transforming the areas of your life that matter most? 

Are you ready to meet your future self? 

wish this intimate group of like-minded parents to offer a safe and supportive environment for everyone to feel at home and grow.  

After expressing your interest in joining the group by signing upwe will schedule a short free 15-min callThis will give you a chance to ask me any questions you might have about the programme and we will assess if we are a good fit for working together in a group setting.  

I’m looking for open minded, respectful and committed parents who are ready to make a change in their lives. As you are still here with me, reading these lines, I bet you are who I’m looking for and I can’t wait to meet you. 



6 Intensive Transformational weeks include: 


  • 6 modulessix different topics on how to bring more mindfulness into your life to help you and your family become more resilient and cope with whatever life might bring. 


  • 3 x 30-minute individual coaching sessions with me to work through your individual obstacles and help you move you forward with even more ease.  


  • Intimate and safe space to explore and transform: Live meetings with group coaching with a small group of like-minded individuals (8 members max). 


  • CommunityFriends are made here. You will not walk this path alone. Process with your peers in a FB group, formed especially for you to share your pains and victories and receive and offer additional support.  


  • AccountabilityWe’ll keep you on track by showing up for you each week and keep you accountable for taking action. 


  • Establishing a regular mindfulness practice: Optional but highly encouraged!:) 


  • Recordings: Don’t worry if you miss a group session, recordings will be available for a full week after each meeting. 


What will I get from joining the group and group coaching?

Instant and valuable mutual support network. 

Differing perspectives – Hearing different views, ideas and experience from your fellow participants will allow you to see issues you wouldn’t otherwise become aware of. 

Accountability – Your fellow members hold you accountable to the goals you set. In addition, just knowing that you have a regularly scheduled meeting internally drives you to make progress. 

Think bigger – You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. 

Safe place to share, explore, go further and deeper. Whatever is shared in the group is strictly confidential! 

If you choose to start regular mindfulness practice, which I would highly encourage, you will get all necessary support. 

My full support and attention for the duration of the Programme 

Join a private Facebook group for further mutual support. 

How will a group coaching meeting look like?

The Group Coaching Programme consists of weekly calls (over Zoom) of 60 minutes.  

  1. The session opens with a few mindful moments to center and bring our awareness into the present moment.  
  2. We talk about what went well and what was a challenge regarding the action steps the participant said they would take in the previous session. 
  3. We dive into the topic of the module. 
  4. Time to answer your questions and integrate the learning with experiential/reflection exercise/journaling. 
  5. Group coaching – I coach one or two volunteers around the topic of the Module. The rest of the participants are listening to the sessions without interfering. After the coaching session the volunteer shares about the experience and other participants express their observations in a non-judgmental way and share their key learnings 
  6. At the very end of the session the participants are asked to commit to the goals they wish to focus on until our next meeting. 

How does coaching with you look like?

Please find your answer here: https://timeformindfulness.com/individual-coaching/ 

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask: https://timeformindfulness.com/contact/ 

I’m not sure I will have a calm space to participate in the group. My children are at home now. May I join you nevertheless?

Yes, of course. Maybe we will all have kids around at some point. We will be happy to say hi to them when they get curious about what we are doing? 

How is the programme delivered and how do I access it? 

You’ll receive a unique Zoom invitation link and password to join each session for the duration of the program. If you are not able to attend live, you will receive a recording of the meeting, which will be available for a week after the actual session. 

Can I get a refund?

Once you’ve secured your spot for the Parents’ Group Coaching Programme, we can’t offer a refund as spots are limited and we may have denied someone else a seat. Exceptions may be made for very exceptional situations. 

How can I be sure that I will benefit from the programme?

Everyone is entering the programme with their unique experiences and challanges, therefore everyone’s journey will be different and will bring different insights and results. I cannot guarantee you  where exactly is this programme going to bring you. However, I can say with absolute certainty that if you put in 100% commitment, discipline, and passion into implementing what you learn from the programme and coaching, you will for sure move forward and closer to realising your vision of who you want to be for yourself and your family.  

One thing is certain: If you want different results than what you’re getting, you have to try different approaches. And this is what this group will offer you – a safe space to explore and try out new ways to work with your challenges that keep you from being who you long to be.  

You might be surprised at how much you can achieve and transform with the right and focused support. 



This programme is not intended as a substitute for a medical treatment or psychological or psychiatric therapy from a qualified and registered healthcare provider. 

If you are currently experiencing mental health concerns, please seek professional help from a licensed psychologist or mental health professional. 

Programme Outline 

WEEK 1 (90 min): 

  • Creating a clear vision of who you want to be as a person and as a parent 
  • The principles of mindfulness and mindful parenting 
  • Rethinking discipline 
  • Acknowledging challenges of the current situation 

WEEK 4 (60 min): 


  • Exploring your triggers and where they are coming from 
  • Owning and healing your emotions 


WEEK 2 (60 min): 

  • Living with uncertainty – accepting and letting go 
  • Powerful tools for regulating your emotions 
  • Making friends with anxiety 
  • Helping your child with their anxiety 

WEEK 5 (60 min): 

  • Overcoming adversity with the right mindset
  • Parenting for emotional resilience  
  • Connection as the most powerful parenting tool 


WEEK 3 (60 min):  

  •  Self-care, as important as ever! (it is much more than just having a bubble bath!:) 
  • The power of self-compassion 
  • Positive rolemodelling for your child 

WEEK 6 (90 min): 

  • Putting it all together 
  • What are your next steps? 





WHEN are we going to meet?  


On Tuesdays at 11.00 am (Brussels Time) on the following dates: 



1 December 2020 

8 December 2020 

15 December 2020 

5 January 2021 

12 January 2021

19 January 2021




This programme will offer you a real and honest coaching, wrapped in compassion and acceptance. It might hold up some uncomfortable mirrors. But it will absolutely ensure real growth. This is where the real “growing up” occurs – it’s a transformational experience to help you explore what it means to be in control of your life and how to become the YOU and the PARENT that you always wished to be.  

Early Bird Discount: 

If you register before 27 November 12pm, you will save 100 EUR!

Your early bird investment is 235 EUR:)

Your investment: 335 EUR 

The Group Coaching Programme is open for enrollment only until November 23  and places are limited to 8 parents so if you know that you want in, then I suggest you take action soon. 

I would love for you to join us 🙂   



Please note that after enrolling you will receive an email with the invitation to schedule a free 15 min meeting with me. Do not forget to do this as enrollment in the programme is not automatic and will be done after the call. 

Have a question? Get in touch with me here.

I hope to personally support you soon on the inside! 

Have a question?

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